It wasn't until I bought the whole CodeHead suite of programs that the computing end of Ataridom was as cool as the music, art and games were. A little program called Warp9 jacked into some OS code and added graphics, a screen saver and sped up the system by 15-25%!!! Not bad software from a guy who is now lead guitarist for Al Jarreau's band.

My Desktop

My big face on my desktop, courtesy CodeHeads John Eidsvoog and Charles Johnson. The system runs faster with these extra features!

Little Green Selector

The Little Green Selector (LGS) from Charles Johnson, with more features than you could imagine. You have full access to any partition, sorted any way, with wildcards, boolean filters, access to file utilities such as copy, format, delete AND keyboard macros for everything to boot!


Here is the MaxiFile utilities with the LGS. It's like having the Windows' file manager instantly accessible at anytime, AND speeding up your system. Incredible. Now Utilities for the Mac ain't even close.

Warp 9 Flying Toilets

If you've seen the Totally Twisted plug ins for After Dark, then you may have seen a screen saver like this one. But this was written a few years earlier! I wonder if Berkeley Systems were inspired by Bill Gates "development" techniques?

I am trying to find the whereabouts of these fine guys. If you know where John Eidsvoog, Charles Johnson or Tomas are these days, please email me!